1920s day

Thank you all for making such a huge effort to dress up. You’ve made the day very special.

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birthday party

on Sunday I went to my adopted friend Coles birthday party at fun shack I went on laser tag with him we were both red team after that I had my tea burger and chips at fun shack then I went to the top of the play area to the football area and played football with kaydn I scored a goal straight in the top corner we won after 10 minutes of playing after that I went on the trampolines with my cousin karlee Shelby and Tasha kaydn was however banned from the trampolines because he was fighting on the trampolines then the best part was going on the bumper cars with my sister we pretty much won because  we got my brother stuck and a little boy then we went home

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on Saturday I went to my horse ridding class at Braidwood stables. My ridding teacher Mandy asked someone from my lesson what they wonted to do a hack or arena. Last week it was my go I chose a hack. I checked myself in and asked what horse I am on today and the person said Donta so the time came to mount Donta. The person giving me a leg up said try not to tap his *** because he doesn’t like it so I carefully mounted him. Then someone went down the track but I wasn’t meant to so someone had to come and stop Donta ten it was time to go on the hack we went second because if we went first Donta would try to run away shadow was in front of me so off we went on the way back hear the lambs a wasp fell onto Donta right then I fort I was coming off but fortunately it fell off

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by Megan Moore

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Dragons is red, dragons are green, some are nice, some are scared, some are as big as sky scrappers. some is light as a feather, some have green eyes, some have blue, some has red, and some are dangerous , dragons with swords, some lives in the big deep wet forest with the BIG TEREFIEN CLAWS, some keep look out for the big taisty meat !!!!.the big red ore green tail swinging side to side  smashing there way through the trees crunching then in to tinny bits, the big mouth wich grunts smoke opening big mouth with fire coming out !!!

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at the moves

I went to go to the move there was little dogs and I went with my two friends we wear plan  on a slide and on swings  then we went to the shop and got a ice cream after

we went back to lily home we went out  on our backs around the block then we went in lily bedroom and played a game it was fun we plaed hide and seeck thenwe went home

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Custard the Dragon

Custard the dragon had big sharp teeth that he bit in to the meat he had every night . His owner was eat by him  ! his owner who loved him very much  was a very kind and nice man . Custard also loved his  owner but eat him he might of not eat  and custard did not like over people so his owner did not  have any friends and was a bit of a loner but he had custard and that’s the way he liked it . They were got evry old.


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Lake Distry (I think that’s what it’s called)

On Sunday I went to the lake it is (1 or 2 hours away from here ) . When you get a little bit closer you start driving on mountains it’s a beautiful view can it get any better . It was gorgeous and the bright yellow sun was beaming down at me I wish I could live there . Firstly we went to the sweet shop and , I got a lolly pop whith sherbet I also got these circle sweets whith this sour sherbet at the bottom and last but deffently not least I got some cherry lips mmmmm . Then we caryed on walking then we stopped of at a rock (sweets) place here are some flavours we got cream egg,hot chocolate,mint tea and lots lots more . Then we walked and walked until we got to the boat first we got our  tickets then we got on the boat we sat at the top it was so fun after about 20 minutes we went to the bottom of the boat because it was getting chilly . At the bottom of the boat it felt like a submarine it was so cool we took lots of snapchats it was so cool . After about 1 hour or so we got of the boat and got ice cream me my sister and my cousin had cookies and cream mmmm then we headed back Home and had mackdonalds .

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The weekend

When it was the morning I woke up got dressed ready to go to my best friend Sophie’s house I went down stairs and made some breakfast. After that I watched my favourite TV show ( that was called Hunter Street ) . Then I heard the doorbell ring it was Sophie’s Mum, who came to pick me up .When I got there Sophie gave me a big hug then we started to play with her toys and I brought mine , to be honest I could of brought more. After that we walked to the shop and bought some sweets when we came back we played on the WII Sophie kept on beating me at the mini games . Then Sophie asked me if I wanted to go in the hot tub so we got dressed and went in the hot tub I kept on splashing Sophie she splashed me back, it was a really long time until we got out of the hot tub then it was dinner time we had fish and chips it was very tasty . After dinner we played on Sims 4 my Sim  sadly died R.I.P Sim .

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My weekend

At the weekend I went to my granddads It was nice ther. I went to the park when I got ther I met my frends  we fawnd  jaynorus  twigs. Ther wos 63 twigs and 12 branchis . It was so cool! We sterd ther for 2 haws all we done was clect twigs . when I got bark home I went to the stunt park on my bike and dun stunts I tride to do a bark flip but landed on my head .

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my holiday

the 26th of may 2017 the biggest day of my life im tearing 10 I opened my presents and went and sat down of the warm bumpy floor and waited for Alice.in year6 to walk round after 5 minits she arrived we swapped presents as it was her birthday too mum got us in the car and drove us to Frankie and bennies we told mum what we wanted then we swapped presents I got frozen Lego and Alice got a puzzle vase we made it before her mum and her brother got there then we went to costa then we had to go to do my surprise we got to the train station  then my auntie called me and said turn around so I did and there she was at home I went upstairs to put my shorts on when I came down I went down stairs and I saw a hut I ran to it there was a fake tortious she said turn around and there was Lillian my new tortoise we went to the mitre so dad could take me to grandmas house I went home to sleep in my bed so my auntie had to go into mums rooms.

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You can do more homework

This blog is to say like get out more but this time is to say after getting out in the sun to do homework because you would have concentration from the sun and will think more after that you can go back outside and have some more fun. These blogs are just ideas for you to do for better environment it will help you and all around for boys idea play some sports you like, like football. Just remember homework for the week and lexia followed by reading followed by blogging and it would be good to comment peoples work.

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Dragons “100 word challenge”

Dragons, which are supposed to breathe fire , are said to be big and fearsome but are not real at all ever just myths past down  probably originated by dinosaurs which lived 6000 years ago (or maybe not ) . They might be made to create stories of dragons and brave nights with kings, or maybe just for creating pictures of dinosaurs because of bones that looked peculiar and different to normal dinosaurs. Back then, dinosaurs were big and fierce just like dragons past down from ideas in the old age when they had knights ,real, and king and queens ,obviously real,. dragons aren’t real.


So after these blogs remember lessons like dragons might just might be caused from weird bones of a dinosaur.

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Things I do at the weekend

The things that I do on the weekend, I sleep at my dads, normally we go at half four. When I get there my brother and I  just play football in the front. After we play football, we go on our bikes and I do some stunts. unfortunately  my brothers bike is a cube its is not really meant for stunting, because it is a  mountain bike. My bike is meant for stunting because my bike is a bmx . I have stunt pegs on both sides so I can go fast and stand on My stunt pegs I can go really far and fast no handed it is hard but I can also go over bumps and rocks and still not fall off it is really easy when we go to the shop I go on my ripstik I bought a coke than we went back to my dads than got our tea than my brother and me went in the back garden my nana grows lots of really good flowers

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Rides at Blackpool pleasure beach

Over the weekend I travelled all the way to Blackpool with my family before we came we booked the pleasure beach, madam tousawds and the Blackpool tour!! On the first day of Blackpool we visited the splash a lot water park(this was our first time going!!) they had loads of water slides they also had a lazy river and a Hot tub. We spent 3 hours solid here after getting dry we took the tram back to the hotel. We unpacked and went for tea, we were staying in the Hilton hotel. I had gammon, fried egg, pineapple, beans and skinny fries. After finishing our evening meal we received a room card to sleep for the night. The beds weren’t the best but it was ok. So we woke up in the morning, walked to Mc Donald’s and ate our breakfast. We sat and ate for 30 minutes then walked to the opposite end of Blackpool to the pleasure beach. We had to go in the fast pass que because my cousin fracture her foot so she was in a wheelchair. These we some of the rides:

Rocking Races

The Tunnel Of Love

The Big One


The Grand National

Ice Blast


Blue Flyer

Wallis and Gromit




Morgan’s circus clown coaster


Dora’s adventures

Dodgems and many more;


I said thankyou to my parents for taking me!!

On our last day of Blackpool we woke up and played ball on the beach because it was right out side the hotel. We waked to madam tousawds we aproched thousands of celebritys!!

Olly Murs

Kieth Lemon

Doctor who

Harry Potter

The Queen

Prince Fillip

Ant and Dec  and many more;

After spending 2 hours there we qued for The Blackpool Tower we waited and waited until it felt like we had been waiting for hours but actually we had been waiting for 20 minutes. We had an amazing view of Blackpool when we finally arived at the top. I had so much fun this weekend and I would certainly do it again!! THANKYOU MAM AND DAD!!!!



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my dancing show at the weekend by Jess

At the weekend I’m going to do my dancing show!! I am in nine dances.Here are some of them:


seize the day

The prayer (ballet troupe.)

40’s tap troupe


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